Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is a series of 3 different froms. They conssist of an intial 3 point object followed by a 4 point object, and finally a 5 point object. They are to be overlayed to create an object that is "blossoming around a center core. The blossom would expand or contract based on the amount of water being absorbed or released

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Michael Chen said...

Hi LeMarr,

Make sure that you studies are produced in material form not just drawings. These are relatively simple modules, which is fine but you've got to make sure that their behavior can be understood to both respond to a range of intensities, and also produce a range of effects. Simply multiplying is not enough.

If you're operating under the provisional hypothesis that an increase in density or surface to surface contact is conducive to the capture of water, I would advise you to seek out some examples from botany that support this claim. Those biological examples may very well inform the development of the system, as well as provide you with the geometric and performative attributes that you need in order for it to be credible.

Remember to answer to the essential questions about the individual unit: to what extrinsic variables does the cell respond to (I assume it's degrees of moisture in the air); what intrinsic variables of the unit itself change; what is the range of intensities of this change/how does the response change over time?